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On Sunday November 10th Class 4 took to the stage at the Norwich Theatre Royal and performed their very own operatic version of 'Hansel and Gretel' to an audience of over 900 people.

They went down a storm and should be proud of themselves, not only for their brilliant performance but for the way they represented our school during the tough rehearsals. 

Many thanks to Lyndsay, Mark, Howard, Emma, Victoria and Jason for all your fantastic help on the project.

Here are some pictures from the big event.


Getting our first stage directions


Our first solos

Boys versus Girls


Stop... lets run through that again


Singing for Technopia

Getting it perfect


No fear onstage


Hansel and Gretel


Rats, rats... everywhere


Plug him into the Game


Look mum, I'm onstage

Star dressing room... 2 minutes to curtain


Big night nerves


The show begins...


Running, sprinting, leaping


Amazing singing


More rats!


They get everywhere


Don't go Hansel


Come back Hansel


Lost in the lights


Prepare the chair


The evil plan


Everything's in order


Now we have our victim


Plug him right in


No escape, locked in the game


Gretel uses her knowledge of books...


Technopians have an eye on you...


A spy in their midst...

But wait...rats to the rescue




Have a piece of your own medicine


High five,  job done !!!


Freedom, freedom,  freedom !!!


We did a great job


Download Recordings of our

rehearsal songs here:

1. Computer Theme

2.  So Poor

3.  Sad to Leave

4.  Technopia

5.  Rat Part 1

6.  Rats Part 2

7.  Beware Evil's Lurking

8.  Bright Tempting Lights

9.  Lost Soul

10. We Are Free


Here's a brief look at what we have been doing in rehearsals.



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