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Remember:  I have high expectations of you, so you must have high expectations of yourself.  Hand in work which you are proud of.

Let your parents help and support you with your homework - learning is learning and getting advice and help is not cheating; it just shows you are thinking about what you need to improve.


However, don't let your parents actually DO your homework for you; I don't want to mark their ideas, I want to see yours.  If you're stuck, just come and tell me on Monday and we'll look at it again together - don't wait until Tuesday or Wednesday.



 Spring 2018

Given Out: Friday 9th Feb


Due in on Wednesday 21st February

All year 6 must be attempting ALL questions and aim to finish in 30 minutes - if not, mark where you get and still complete.

ALL year 5 must complete at least ALL green and orange and most of you are completing the whole lot now - the instructions on the sheet tell you this.

Arithmetic Homework Download Here



Due in on Wednesday 21st February

Write a book or film review about a book or film you are passionate about.  We have spoken in class about putting that passion into your writing, so let everyone know just why you love this book or film.  You MUST follow the checklist and structure your review in the way we have discussed.

Download the checklist, task sheet

and work sheets here:

Book Review Homework Download



Test on Thursday 22nd February

Learn the next 5 from the 5/6 list (5 after

'forty' )and the next 5 from the 3/4 list

(5 after 'heart')

Here are the pdf documents of the two lists:

Year 5/6 word list

Year 3/4 word list

This term we will also be continually returning to those useful words in the Year 5/6 Spelling list from the National Curriculum.  Heres a list for your quick reference.  

It's good to practise these words whenever you get the chance.

Previous homework:


Year 5/6 : Due in on Wednesday 21st January



Had I the delicate sparkles of the morning sun on the surface of the coolest, stillest lake,

Glinting and gleaming, flitting in and out of existence,

The silver light and the gold,

I would take those sparkles and set them in the finest necklace,

For you to  wear around your neck,

But I, being poor, have only my courage,

I have shaped my courage into a golden bracelet ;

Wear it with belief, for together we can face anything.


Here are my pdf versions and blank writing sheets if you need extra:

PDF Download: Cloths of Heaven Homework.








Our Class Rules:

Link to Mad Minutes


Link to Year 5 & 6

New Curriculum

Spelling List