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Scroll down for this weeks arithmetic homework !

Remember:  I have high expectations of you, so you must have high expectations of yourself.  Hand in work which you are proud of.

Let your parents help and support you with your homework - learning is learning and getting advice and help is not cheating; it just shows you are thinking about what you need to improve.


However, don't let your parents actually DO your homework for you; I don't want to mark their ideas, I want to see yours.  If you're stuck, just come and tell me on Monday and we'll look at it again together - don't wait until Tuesday or Wednesday.



Year 5 and 6:

1. Arithmetic

- Click here for a copy of the arithmetic questions handed out this week.

- Click here for a copy of the arithmetic questions from 14th March 2024



Follow the instructions on the arithmetic sheet.  Write the question in your book first and work in the left column only of each page


At the moment, we are NOT using Teams for homework - we are reserving this for children who may need to isolate.

If you see any assignments on Teams for Year 5 or Year 6,  these are not for you to do - they will usually be titled 'Home School...'.  They are for children who need to isolate, so you should not do them at home.


2. Spellings:

Logon to your spelling shed and follow your assignment:

(Click the banner above to login)


_________________________________.  Complete at least 3 spelling games - but you can complete as many as you wish to help you learn the spellings.

Remember, we will now  always be checking our memory of the year 3/4 and 5/6 spellings, so always be rechecking your spelling skills in these lists.rrent list at the moment.

Year 5/6 word list - Year 6


Year 3/4 word list - Year 5

It's important to remember not to learn your spelling for a one-off test - we are learning them so we will build up our accuracy in spellings for whenever we write.

It's good to practise these words whenever you get the chance.


3. Year 6 SATS Comprehension:

You have recieved your reading booklet and answer booklet

Instructions for SATs Comprehensions:

You must complete your comprehension -

it is important to finish the whole test, but mark where you got to in one hour.

(as this is the time limit you will have in May)

Remember to FILL the boxes in questions which need explanations.


1.Use the word 'because' to force you to explain.

2.  A three mark explanation question needs three different ideas, or twoideas explained really well - with evidence from the text.

3.  Be precise in your detail in your answers.








Link to Mad Minutes



Link to Year 5 & 6

New Curriculum

Spelling List