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Welcome to Class 2's page. 


Hello again Year 1 and 2,


Hello Class 2!

How are you all this week? I'm sure you have heard the news that some of us may be returning to school after half term. We are working hard in school to figure out how we can do that in the safest way possible for everyone. We will be in touch as soon as we know more.
We hope you are getting on well with your topics. We had some lovely pictures last week of children enjoying their work in the sunshine. It always brightens our day to see your smiley faces.
We know it's a week late but we found a nice reading comprehension on VE day. Did any of you celebrate it at home? We'd love to see some photos or hear about what you got up to.

This weeks topic is one of our favourites, FOOD! We hope you enjoy it too!


Stay safe

Mrs Furness, Mrs Davies & Mrs Gant 


Don't forget to let us know how you are getting on and we’d love to see some of your work/projects – please contact the office and they will forward on your email to Mrs Furness or Mrs Davies:


Here are the latest term-time school closure activities for you to do at home:

Click here for the 'Just For Fun'

SATs Paper Page: 2019 Papers and Answers



1.  Click here for the latest week's Class 2

Maths Activities page



2. Click here for the latest week's Class 2

Writing and Topic Activities page


A message from Mr Hodge:

Hopefully, we are now getting used to using this page as a link to work for the week.  The maths and writing/topic and other activities can now be accessed by the links above.  I have also added some great links  to real-PE and Espresso Discovery  for children (through our school subscription), so please have a look under 'Useful Websites' in the 'Parents' and Pupils' tabs, and on this page - full instructions are there on how to access these.


Phonics in Class 2

All children in Year 1 are given a 'Phonics Screening Check'.  The following powerpoint explains what this entails and what your children can expect.

                   Download the Year 1 Phonics

     Screening Check presentation here






Come and see our beautiful butterfly,  we worked really hard to weave the wings.


Class 2 Look at Black History Month

In October we discovered it was Black History Month. We looked at the lives of some brave and courageous people who helped fight against the unfair, unjust and unkind ways in which black people have been treated.

Click the links below to find out what we have learnt.



Rosa Parks         Jessie Owens    Nelson Mandela

                                                  (See our medals)         (See our Mandela Crowds)


Here are some interesting websites that you may enjoy looking at.

Full of fun activities.





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Class 2 Parents:

Keep your children active !

Try Wreningham realPE at home with your little ones.

 Great fun. 

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Class 2


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