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Previous Weeks' Class 3 School Closure Archive



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Welcome to


         Class 3’s Page:                                     

Dear Team Class 3,


Its great to be back in school again...

Mrs Rees, Mrs Fox and I would like to welcome you all back (and the class monster of course)..


If we are forced to isolate for 2 weeks,  this page will have details of the work we will be doing from home, alongside Microsoft Teams. We will all be given a Microsoft Teams username and password, which will be detailed in the school newsletter on Friday 25th September.



Have fun this term - we've got lots of learning to do,

Mrs Cameron




      "Class 3 School Lockdown Timetable"




  The Class 3 Monster

    Helped You Out During School Closure


Dear Team Class 3,      

I will write to you each week to let you know what I've been up to. Click below to rsad my letters.


              My letters to you, describing

          what I got up to during school closure :

Week beginning 13th July

Week beginning 6th July

Week beginning 29th June

Week beginning 22nd June

Week beginning 15th June

Week beginning 8th June

- Week beginning 1st June

- Week beginning 25th May

- Week beginning 18th May

- Week beginning 11th May

- Week beginning 4th May

- Week beginning 27th April

- Week beginning 20th April

- Week beginning 13th April - 2nd Week Easter

- Week beginning 6th April - 1st Week Easter

- Week beginning 30th March

- Week beginning 23rd March



       If you would like to keep busy at home, here is a    

     reminder of things we decided together you can do:



                 and remember ....


Read, read, read, read, read, read, read...



             Lots of Fun Web links

          for Class 3 Topics and Work

                                    I'll add to this as I find and test out some site links.




Akhet Egyptology
Ancient Egypt - British Museum
Egyptian Gods
Explore The Pyramids
Mysteries of the Nile
The Pyramids:Design & Construction
Snaith Egyptian Site


BBC Volcanoes

BBC Earthquakes




Latest School Newsletter

     Monster's Last

        letter from    



Click below from some great puppet activities from our good friends at the puppet theatre


Well done to D, who is now training on Zoom with the Norfolk Gym squad     


Click on Scratch and

        find a coding activity

Time Table Rockstars

Use Times Tables Rockstar to Keep up with your tables skills.

Challenge yourself and others.

Email school office or Mrs C. if you have forgotten you username and password

Class 3 Parents:

Keep everyone active !

Try Wreningham realPE at home with your children.

Great fun. 

Click below for Wreningham Logon Details...

Our CASMA Song:

Download our CASMA song backing treack and lyrics here:

New Life Has Begun MP3

New Life Has Begun Lyrics

Maddie Moate 'Stay Curious' for Science

     ( great learning here)

Channel 4 Countdown

(challenge yourself)

    Didn't we look great

       in book week!