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                    Team Class 3’s Page:  


             We all survived our first residential in March 2022 at Aylmerton

     Outdoor Learning is Fun in Class 3


Class 3 have been getting to grips with the workings of the human body in our Science lessons, with some outdoor learning.  Our playground was transformed into a giant anatomy diagram.

Click below to visit the new 'Outdoor Learing Page',  to find out more about this lesson.

                     The Outdoor Learning Page

                                        (Click the book below)



We Get Used to Purple Mash Computing

We have all now been given our PURPLE MASH logons and passwords.  Make sure you have a look around the online classroom and get comfortable using it. 

We'll be learning our computer coding on Purple Mash, as well as brushing up on our online safety, learning to use spreadsheets and a whole host of computer based activities, including art and design.

          I'll let you know if you need to look out for those 'To Do's'


Click on the logo if you want a quick link to the Wreningham Purple Mash login page.




  The Class 3 Monster

    Helped You Out During School Closure


Dear Team Class 3,      

If we have to close again, I will write to you each week to let you know what I've been up to. Click below to read my old letters.


              My letters to you, describing

          what I got up to during school closure :

Week beginning 13th July

Week beginning 6th July

Week beginning 29th June

Week beginning 22nd June

Week beginning 15th June

Week beginning 8th June

- Week beginning 1st June

- Week beginning 25th May

- Week beginning 18th May

- Week beginning 11th May

- Week beginning 4th May

- Week beginning 27th April

- Week beginning 20th April

- Week beginning 13th April - 2nd Week Easter

- Week beginning 6th April - 1st Week Easter

- Week beginning 30th March

- Week beginning 23rd March



Here is a  reminder of things we decided together you can do if we ever have to isolate again at home:



                 and remember ....


Read, read, read, read, read, read, read...





Latest School Newsletter


Time Table Rockstars

Use Times Tables Rockstar to Keep up with your tables skills.

Challenge yourself and others.

Email school office or Mrs C. if you have forgotten you username and password


        Click on Scratch and

        find a coding activity


Our CASMA Song:

Download our CASMA song backing treack and lyrics here:

New Life Has Begun MP3

New Life Has Begun Lyrics

Maddie Moate 'Stay Curious' for Science

     ( great learning here)

Channel 4 Countdown

(challenge yourself)

    Didn't we look great

       in book week!