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Class 4 Present

Ben Heine's Pencil vs Photo

George looks on, amazed how big his snowman turned out.

We have taken inspiration from Ben Heine, an artist we have been impressed with following our discovery of his 'Digital Circlism' technique last year.  This year, we attempted to replicate his amazing reality twisting 'Pencil vs Photo' technique.

Can you work out how we created these wonderful imaginative, strang images, using only our drawing skills and a camera?

Prepare to be AMAZED !

'Woodworm' by Josephine

'Giants' by Ciaran

'Peeking Around' by Todd

'Monkey on the Roof' by Ben

'Magic Words' by Lacey

'Phoenix from the Screen' by Nicole

'Magic Bookshelf' by Vicky

'Snakes Alive' by Thomas

'Alien Intruder' by Jessica

'Snakebite' by Holly

'Playground Vortex' by Jamie

'Triangle Head' by Tom

'Tom's Changed' by Evie

'Chasm in the Desk' by Alex

'Book Imp' by Emily

'Jack Frost' by Molly






Ben Heine's Art Link