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Class 4 Diary

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    'Why did the golfer wear two pairs of socks?'

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            The 2020

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    What we did in the    

    1st lockdown:

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    Norfolk Schools Calendar  2019-2020




    School Logo

    Wreningham VC
    Primary School
    Ashwellthorpe Road,
    Norfolk NR16 1AW





    This will be our extra resources page where I will add any extra resources, pictures and information we may need to help with our home learning, and keep in contact with our friends who are in class.

    Your Maths, Literacy and Curriculum main worjk will be found on your Teams assignments, but you will be directed here if there is anything else I think would be useful.

    It's important you stay in touch at least a couple of times a week, let me know how you are doing and I can let you know how everyone is getting on,  mark work and sort out your questions.  This is important so we still feel like a class at this second peculiar time, and you still feel like you have a teacher looking out for you. 

                             Resource Walls:


           Click on each Subject Wall if your assignment

                has asked you to find extra resources here.


               Maths                                                Literacy



             Curriculum                 P.E.



    Things that will help:

    1. Maintain a daily routine in term-time - use the time before the 10 o'clock Team meeting, to fix any problems or next steps I have written in your marked work.

    Set aside atime in the morning for maths and literacy and stick to it each day   Use the afternoon for other activities -

    call it your 'home-school time'.

    2.  After your home-school time, relax, have fun, keep occupied, and leave your work behind - don't worry or dwell on it - unless you've found something you really want to explore, or are passionate about or wish devote extra time to.

    3. Plough your energy into your learning in home-school time,   

    4.  Remember your own expectations and abilities and produce your best; make yourself proud - you know what you are capable of.

    5. Don't worry if you don't understand something or are stuck - or are just worn out, take a break; leave it until tomorrow or let me know on Teams 'Chat'.

    6.  I will respond to the assignments you 'hand-in' on Teams - that means I will respect the time and huge effort you have put in and spend quality time looking at it, just like in school - so remember, the feedback will be about your next steps - don't get down if its not perfect, working at home is very hard: I know how hard you are working... and if it all gets too much... just pack it up for the day and have another go tomorrow.

    7. This is a strange time again, but put your school work in a special 'box' in your day and it will help life feel as normal as possible until we are back in school.





                  The 2020 Lockdown:

              The End of  a Summer Term

                          Like No Other:

    You have made it through to the end of our 2019-20 school year after a long, hard and difficult 14 weeks of our lockdown.

    Thank you for all your incredible effort, resilience and determination over the last 14 weeks - I know how hard it has been and I am sorry you have had to experience such a strange time - you should be proud of everything you have done 

      T H A N K  Y O U

    Here are the final Kahoot results from the Year 6 specialist subject:

    Well done to CD, the final Kahoot champion of the year.

    Treat your summer holiday as a real summer holiday and we can't wait to get back to a more normal  year in class in September



                                        Our Persuasive Literacy        

                   Letter Writing Pays Off !

    Here's another great result from our persuasive letter writing - well done Fryea , who received some great art resources COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE  from Staedler  after her brilliant letter to them.  Who says literacy is boring and a waste of time!


    After our literacy letter writing expoits a couple of weeks ago, we have a a great result from one of our persuasive 'if you don't ask, you won't get' letters.  About £50 worth of top dance costume and equipment was sent for free after this one:


                All activities from Star Wars Day: May 4th

               can be found on the Star Wars wall. below:


             The Class Logo,  Star Wars Food  & Star Wars Character

                               competition   voting has now closed.

                                 Click on the 'Winners Wall' Below

                           Winner's Wall   



                           Relive Star Wars Day below:


    Year 5 and 6 can complete the Alternative SATs papers for fun below - they're not what you expect: 

    Tuesday 12th May -

    Download today's paper here

    'Paper 1 - Ridiculous Questions' paper  

    Download the

    'Paper 1 - Ridiculous Questions' Answers

    Wednesday 13th May 2020:

    Download today's paper here

    'Nonsense Grammar and Stuff' ',

    Download Nonsense Grammar and Stuff' Answers,


                    Tsunamis together

    If you joined in with our 2.45 'Tsunami Torrent' task, thank you - we all did it together as a class at the same time...


    I wanted to get everyone doing something together - something ridiculous and fun and memorable that everyone would do at exactly the same time to help you feel for a moment that you were all in class together again.  In school, we have not forgotten you and we miss you all....





                            OA uses his watercolour skills...     

    One way which might help is to aside a couple of hours in the morning for maths and literacy and stick to it each day Use the afternoon for other activities for an hour or two- call it your 'home-school time'.

    3 to 4 hours a days is a really good day's learning, and it is exhausting, so do what you can and don't worry it's not quite finished - you may need to drop some work and move on,  or even call it a day if it all gets too much - there's always tomorrow:  no one will be upset with you.

    Don't get anxious or stressed - you know what you are capable of... a huge thank you to all of you who have worked hard, shown how independent you are.  You are fantastic.   


    If we can keep our regular daily learning as consistent and reliable as possible, it might help us get through this time feeling happier and less uncertain.


    I have also created a webpage 'wall'; to display your messages for everyone while we are all a little isolated, with a link on this page and the other subject walls.

      Hang in there and we'll be back before you know it - after all, we are the Wreningham Warriors.






    ... and remember, wash your hands, unlike these two numbskulls...


                                                         Don't worry guys,  I've found the

                                                        ideal solution... now I just need

                                                secure another 31 units from the Empire....

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