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Class 4

Puppets Design

During our Design and Technology lessons, we took inspiration from our Alice in Wonderland literacy characters in designing working string puppets.  We first created our own design books using our paper folding skills.  We then worked on all aspects of our design, from eyes to limbs, costumes to colours.


Katie                                  Zack

Once designed, we sculptured our puppet heads out of clay, wrapped them in clingfilm and covered them in papier mache.

When the heads had dried out, we sliced them in half, removed the clay, and glued the now hollow heads back together.

We created our puppet bodies and attached the heads. 

We are all really pleased with the strange,  bizarre , and sometimes creepy personalities our puppets have.  They fit really well into the odd world of Wonderland.





Michael     Daniel    Charlotte


Alice                    Tom





Macie                                    Toby

Cole                      Jessica


Lacey                 Holly

Abi                     Harry

Daniel                   Charlotte

Jack                        Ciaran