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Welcome to the KS1 

Class 1 & 2 School Closure

Writing and Topic Activities

for week beginning 13th July


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1.  Comprehension Task

2.  Reading Tasks

3.  Writing Tasks

4.  Topic



Writing and Topic Activities

for week beginning 13th July

              Comprehension Task:                        


Click here for this week's comprehension. It is about beach habitats. There are three levels: the stars at the bottom of the pages tells you the level. 



                      Under the Sea

Each week we will be choosing a book on the topic of the sea. We will provide a selection of activities you can choose from throughout the week. Don’t worry if you don’t own the books as we will provide a link to YouTube of the story being read aloud.


This week’s book is Barry the fish with fingers by Sue Hendra.


Click here for a powerpoint with Mrs Furness reading the story.



Task 1:

'Barry was no ordinary fish'. What does 'ordinary' mean?


Task 2:

Can you spot any verbs or adjectives while you are reading?


Task 3:

Have a go at this 60 second read. Please read the guidance first.


60 second read




Here is a booklet with checklists you can use to see what you should be aiming for when you are writing. Scroll through to find the correct year group and you can try to tick the boxes off when you are working on a piece of writing. This checklist is used in school for assessed independent pieces of writing but it can be used at home as a guide.


Task 1:

Puffy, the puffer fish, blows bubbles.

Think of different words to describe bubbles.

You might try blowing bubbles to help you think of some new vocabulary.


Task 2:

Can you write a new adventure for Barry and his friends?

You could use a story mountain or story planner to organise your ideas.

Try to use some new vocabulary that you have seen over the past few weeks in our ‘Under the sea’ themed books.



Task 3:

Design your own interesting sea creature and write a fact file about it.

You might like to use one of these templates. There is a sea themed one on page 3.



Task 4:





Task 1:

Design a new scarf for Puffy which has repeating patterns on it.

You can make your own or use this worksheet.



Task 2:

Look at the features of different creatures.

How do these help them live in their particular habitats?

How are they adapted to live there?

Here is a powerpoint about animals who live in the Antarctic.

Think about how they are adapted to live in this environment.


Task 3:

Try some finger painting like Barry does!


Task 4:

Design a new animal that has some body parts from different creatures. (Link to writing task 3)


Task 5:

Puffy, the puffer fish, can blow the best bubbles.

Think about your talents... what are you good at doing?

What are your friends' talents?








  Writing and Topic

Screen Documents:


Links to full

all-in-one pdf document::

W/b 4th May

Whole Weeks Topic of Animals

W/b 11th May

Whole Weeks Topic of Environment

      W/b 18th May

Whole Weeks Topic

           of Food

      W/b 1st June

    Under the Sea - Snail and the Whale

     W/b 8th June

     Under the Sea -


     W/b 15th June

    Under the Sea -

   The Storm Whale


     W/b 22nd June

    Under the Sea -

   The Rainbow Fish

  W/b 29th June

    Under the Sea - Sharing a Shell

W/b 6th July

    Under the Sea - Seal Surfer

W/b 13th July

 Under the Sea - Barry the fish with fingers


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       Writing and Topic Archive



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