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Wreningham VC Primary School


Diary Dates


Performance Dates:

Wednesday 17th July

Dress Rehearsal (1.00)

Thursday 18th July

Performance(1.00pm & 6.00pm)



School Logo

Wreningham VC
Primary School
Ashwellthorpe Road,
Norfolk NR16 1AW

Class 4 Presents



This is the page for all your scripts. 

Click to download

Scene 1:   The_Hunger_Game_Scene_1_Outside_the_Fence

Scene 2:   The_Hunger_Game_Scene_2_District_12

Scene 3:   The_Hunger_Game_Scene_3_The_Capitol

Scene 4:   The_Hunger_Game_Scene_4_The_Choosing

Scene 5a:  The_Hunger_Game_Scene_5a_The_Arrival

Scene 5b:  The_Hunger_Game_Scene_5b_Cinna

Scene 6:    The_Hunger_Game_Scene_6_The_Caesar_Show

Scene 7:    The_Hunger_Game_Scene_7_The Game's Afoot

Scene 8:  The_Hunger_Game_Scene_8_Trackerjackers

Scene 9:   The_Hunger_Game_Scene_9_Snow_Hope

Scene 10:  The_Hunger_Game_Scene_10_The Loss

Scene 11:  The_Hunger_Game_Scene_11_Together




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