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The Wreningham Rice Challenge

As a school, we set ourselves the target of selling 90 kilograms of rice in order to help allow a farmer in Malawi to send their son or daughter to high school. 

Mr Jones introduced the 90KG Rice Challenge during our October harvest festival.  With everyones' help we've finally achieved our target.

Thank you to everyone who contributed,  we hope we have helped to make a difference.

We hit the top !

Our Rice Challenge Totaliser

Keeping track of our total


  All the rice sold is Fairtrade rice.   


Fairtrade helps disadvantaged farmers and workers in developing countries, like those in Africa,  get a better deal through the use of the international FAIRTRADE Mark.


Make sure you look for the Fairtrade label when you buy food.

Fairtrade Posters By Class 2


 Imagine the blue as sky, the green as grass, and the black dot and swirl at the centre as a person holding one arm aloft. That figure represents the people at the heart of the Fairtrade system – it could be a farmer holding up their product or a shopper reaching to buy something.



All 90Kg Sold!


The 90KG

Rice Challenge

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