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Monday 16th July

Dress Rehearsal


Wednesday 18th July

Performance(morning & evening)



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Wreningham VC
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The Ultimate Glossary of Terms

Understand the vocabulary of Tim Burton's, and Class 4's Underland/Wrenderland.

(All in alphabetical Order for your convenience)


 1. Bandersnatch-

a creature under the control of the

Red Queen


2. Brillig –

4 o'clock in the afternoon the time you

begin broiling things for dinner


3. Crims – 

the central land of Underland


4. Downal wyth Behg Hid -

"Down with the Red Queen"

the slogan of the Resistance


5. eze] –

high, go up


6. fairfarren -

farewell, "May you travel far under

fair skies"


7. Frabjous day -

the day Alice slays the Jabberwocky

and frees Underland from the oppression of the

Red Queen


8. frumious –

filthy with a very bad smell


9. Futterwacken –

a dance of unbridled joy


10. ga]]ymoggers –



11. Gribling –

the day Alice will return to Underland


12. gudd]er's scut thief's backside


13. Gummer Slough –

a dangerous swamp of thick viscous mud


14. Horunvendush Day -

the day the Red Queen took control

of Underland



15. Jabberwocky-

a deadly creature, the Red Queen's

ultimate weapon


16. Jubjub Bird-

 a flying creature under the control

of the Red Queen


17. kiotchyn –

heads up, pay attention


18. naught for usal-

it's no use trying


19. noge –

go low down


20. nunz –

don't go -not now.


21. Oraculum-

a Calender of all the days of tlnderland, each

day having its own title and illustration.


22. orgal-

to the left


23. Outlands-

an untamed land to the west of Witzend


24. Outlandish –

an old language spoken only in the

Outlands adopted by the tinderland underground

resistance as a secret code in the revolution

against the Red Queen.


25. Pishsalver –

potion that makes one shrink


26. Queast –

a land to the east, but not in the least


27. Quillian –

the following day after Alice returns


28. saganistute —

 a wise person of poetry and vision


29. Salazen Grum –

a port city where the Red Queen lives


30. shukrn —



31. sloth –



32. stang –



33. slurvish –

selfish, self-centered


34. Snud –

southern tUnderland


35. Tulgey Wood-

a thick wood where Alice meets

the Jabberwocky


36. Underland -

the real name for the place Alice

calls Wonderland


37. Upelkuchen -

cake that makes one grow


38. slurking urpal slackush scrum -

dirty words of the most foul meaning.


39. Witzend

- a western land where the Mad Hatter and

March Hare were born.


40. yadder -

far away -way yadder beyong the Crossling

in Snud.


41. zounder -

behind you!


Sizes of Alice under the Influence of Pishsalver and




Tiny Alice -three inches high

Small Alice — two feet high

Big Alice — seven feet high