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Wreningham VC Primary School


Diary Dates


Performance Dates:

Monday 16th July

Dress Rehearsal


Wednesday 18th July

Performance(morning & evening)



School Logo

Wreningham VC
Primary School
Ashwellthorpe Road,
Norfolk NR16 1AW

Class 4 Presents


Costume Dept.

This is the place for all your Alice in Wrenderland costume information, designs, progress and requirements.


Character Process Begins

We have now started on the character mask creation process, which involves a very messy procedure.  Victoria, and now charlotte, have had half of their faces moulded by modroc,  with a little help from Becky's hair-dryer. 


The process begins...


              What an improvement (who said that?)...



Victoria goes through half hour torment in modroc face pack torture.

"It's all worth it for the stage...luvvy, "  she commented later. 

Vicky was the first actress to undergo the terrible ordeal as part of the design and construction process for her stage character's mask.





Our 3 Class Rules: