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Welcome to our Class 4

Display Wall

Here is a selection of the wonderful displays we have put up in our class and around school this year.


We have worked hard on our presentation skills,  remembering that all our work should be good enough to display around school.  As the top class, it's really important to show the younger children just what beautiful work we can produce in Year 5 and 6.


Our Pandora's Boxes of Good and Bad

We created origami Pandora's boxes, and filled them with poetry,  using fantastic, and unusal imagery to represent ideas of 'good' and 'bad'.  This was inspired by the greek myth of Pandora's box,  where all the world's ills were released from the box, leaving only hope behind.



Our Graffiti Wall

We used our graffiti wall to display our persuasive arguments 'for' and 'against' graffiti in public places,  as well as covering in with our own individual 'tags' and slogans   We used the work of the mysterious graffiti artist, 'Banksy' for inspiration.


Alice in Wonderland - The Forgotten Chapter

We have studied the classic story, 'Alice in Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll,  and developed our dialogue writing skills by creating unusual characters from Wonderland. After drafting and editing our writing, we made beautiful book covers from card, covering them with tissue paper mixed with glue, to create a leathery look for the cover.  We typed up our mini-chapters in MS-Word and photo-copied them onto tracing paper,  folded them into book pages and slotted them into our book covers.  Here are photos of our bookshelf display.

Click here to read some of our new chapters.



We used our Literacy Working Wall to build up words useful for our character profiles, using Alice a a modal.

Alice in Wonderland - Magical Recipes

By combining our literacy and design and technology studies,  we made Alice in Wonderland Upelkuchen mint cakes; magical cakes which make you grow.  We wrote our own recipes, using the features of instructional texts, to make cakes which created all sorts of magical results when eaten.  We displayed our instructions, along with lifelike copies of our actual mint cakes on this unusual display in the hall.


Figures in Motion

We studied the techniques involved in representing the human body in motion , as part of our Art and Design classes this year.  These picture combine many of the sketching,   painting and drawing techniques we developed.  Really helped us with our figure drawing.


Authentic Newspaper Front Pages

We studied features required in order to write a successful newspaper report, and put them to good use by creating our own front pages,  using Microsoft Publisher.  We based our stories on eye witnesses who claimed to have seen mysterious creatures,   such as The Loch ness Monster.