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Class 4 Diary

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    Spring 2020


    Mon 23 onwards

    Class 4 move location to these webpages for a new learning experience

    Easter Holidays

    Thur 2 to Fri 17

    Mon 20

    Summer Term Begins

    One day in the near future, we will all be back together to finish our year properly.

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                 Week Beginning 23rd March 2020

                               Instructions are in RED

                    Friday 27th March:

    Your task today is to do someone research on our website.  I have just put up two useful links to Espresso and realPE.   You can use these sites using own own Wreningham logons which cqan be found following the links.

    Task 1.   

    Click on this 'USEFUL WEBSITES' link and follow the instructions to logon to Espresso.  I want you to explore the site and see what you can find.  Yur job is to write a few sebntences to say why you think ist might be useful for us in the coming weeks. 

    Super prize for the person who can find the most intersting piece of information or unusual fact from the site.

    Task 2. 

    Click on this 'Wreningham realPE Link' and do the same for the realPE site.  The logon instructions are on there.  Let me know what you think of the realPE site in a few sentences in your book.


                    Thursday 26th March:

               Science Today As Usual:

    Properties and Changes of Materials


    We are investigating dissolving today so hopefully you can all find 6 teaspoons of salt (or sugar if you have none) from your rations.


    Task 1. 

    Firstly have a look at this on BBC Bytesize and complete the quiz.


                                  Click for Dissolving


    Task 2.

    Our Dissolving Experiment:  What factors affect the rate at which a soluable material dissolves:

    You will need at least 3 three glasses (2 to go in the fridge, not freezer) , a teaspoon and some salt , along with a stopwatch/timer.  If you haven't got salt, you can try the experiement with sugar instead., but it may take longer.

    Download the recording sheet below and if you can print it out, that's great, otherwise copy the details into your book neatly (remembering not to draw boxes around things - they alwways end up too small).

                                      Click here to download

                                   Dissolving Experiment Sheet

    First things first - Make sure you explain to your parent(s) what you need to do - we don't want any accidents or mum's best glasses being broken.


    a. First,  write what you predict will happen - look at the question on the sheet to help you.

    b. For each of the tests,  always fill the glass to exactly the same level each time; place in a third of al teaspoon of salt (only stir it if it is a stirring test).

    c. Time how long the salt takes to dissolve completely - until you the water if completely clear - you may have to wait and come back every minute or so.


    The glass on the left is clear but you can still see salt in the water in the right one.

    (Yes,  I really have done this experiemnt at home today !)

    e. Then record your results by writing down the time .

    f.  Think about and answer the question at the bottom of the sheet.

    Useful Information:

    Remember to have two glasses in the fridge for half an hour for the cold experiment, two glasses filled from the tap and left to stand on the side (or a jug of water to fill up one glass) for the room temperature experiment,  and fill the warm water glass from the hot water tap - but check with an adult if your hot water is extremely hot.

    (DO NOT by any means use water from a kettle - we don't want anyone injuring themselves and very hot water can make glass shatter).

    Last Task:

    Task 3.

    Lastlly, have a look at this 'Mixing and Dissolving' Webpage and test yourself on the simple quiz.  There's a useful bit of information at the top of the page to help you with any tricky questions.

    Click here for the 'Mixing and Dissolving' quiz.

    Write down in your book that you have done this and how you did.


                 Wednesday 25th March:


                                     Art and Design: 

    Our Time Machine Design:

    As we have been planning to build time machines but our project has been cut short,  I though it would be a ood idea to put our imagination and fine technical drawing skills to the test. 

    Your task is to draw a labelled diagram of a completely new time machine - it does not have to be like the wooden cams one we are building at school.

    Make a careful, beautiful design,  using coloured pencils to create a really fine, detailed piece of design artwork.

    We will display some of the nest of these pages next week.

    I have attached a useful sheet for you to download and printout here,  but if you can't do that,  you can use the next page in the back of your blue book,  or use a plain piece of paper then stick it in carefully.  Remember to trim your page to less than A4, so it can be stuck in with a neat border in your book.  We are working in the back of the book for this activity.

    Download the sheet shown below:

    Time Machine pdf version - Click here

    Time Machine Design Powerpoint version - Click here






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