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Wreningham VC Primary School


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Wreningham VC
Primary School
Ashwellthorpe Road,
Norfolk NR16 1AW



Action Plan


These are our Action Plans:



*To reduce the amount of energy we use by encouraging classes to turn off lights and use classroom heaters effectively.



*To reduce the amount of mains water we use and to use rainwater for watering plants whenever possible.


*To reduce the amount of rubbish we send to landfill

*To re-use & recycle wherever possible.

*To increase our recycling.

*To compost all the fruit & vegetable waste to make our own compost.


*To encourage pupils to dispose of litter correctly.



*To learn more about Fair Trade

.*To increase links with French & African schools. 

*To continue to fund raise for local & global charities & to support events.

*To have closer links with local community through a community project.  

School Grounds:

*To proceed with an outdoor classroom.

*To improve allotment area

.*To continue to improve/maintain school grounds.

*To complete KS1 outdoor area. 


*To increase planting of seasonal fruit/vegetables & plants.

*To extend allotment area with pots/planters and greenhouse.

*To increase/maintain habitats for insects and small animals.

*To encourage bird life into school grounds. 

Healthy Living:

*Increase the number of house plants in classrooms. 

*Extend the allotment to grow seasonal fruit & veg. with mini open garden event in Spring/Summer to promote ‘grow your own’ & healthy eating.



*To encourage families to walk or cycle to school wherever possible or to park at Village Hall.


A big thank you to Mrs Parfitt for working hard on the Eco Schools Action Plans.