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Forces in Action

Our 'Space' topic brought up lots of interesting questions about forces, and in particular that most mysterious force - gravity.

We were fascinated to find out that our weight is actually determined by the force of gravity on whatever planet we live on.  So if we lived on the moon, we would weigh much less because the force of gravity pulling us to the centre of the moon is much less than than that on the earth.

Great news for those of us who eat too much chocolate.

We measure our weight in Newtons, and not Kilogrammes(Kg), which can get confusing.  This is because Kg is actually a measure of our 'mass',  but because it is unlikely most of us will ever walk on another planet we tend to accept it as our weight as well.   Being on the moon, however, doesn't change our mass (the amount of 'stuff' we are made up of).

Click on the link below to visit the BBC Science clips 'Forces in Action' site



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