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Class 4

We are always busy in Class 4 perfecting our artistic skills, learning new techniques and developing our own style.  We don't settle for second best, and the teacher don't 'dumb down' the work we are learning to create.  Just because sometimes we feel we may not be the world's most fantastic 'drawers',  we are able to produce amazing results through learning lots of other techniques (just look at our watercolours in the gallery).

2017-18 Projects:

We are creating pastel depictons of our version of the island from 'The Tempest', using pasttel techniques and layering to produce a 3 dimensional effect and the appearance of looking into a hazy landscape.

We are creating detailed dioramas of Mexican rainforest,  hiding lost Mayan Cities.  Our models will represent the discovery of the ancient cities emrging from the undergrowth when they were first discovered..

We will be creating wire sculptures of figures depicting the elements, learning how to create a feeling of movement and power into our designs.

We will be creating depictions of the Favellas using careful pencil and watercolour techniques and attempting to give the feeling of tight, claustrophobic living while not losing theincreible array of colour and collage effect of these structures.


Previous Class 4 Projects:

1.  We have learned the techniques involved in creating natural looking trees using a variety of mediums, including chalk pastels, oil pastels, watercolour, pencil and natural sculpture.

We put our creations together, developing one piece of three dimensional art which Have a look at the results in the gallery.

2.  We have designed t-shirts and costume props for our Theatre Royal Opera performance based on our futuristic version of Hansel and Gretel.




-  Replicating the amazing Pencil versus Photo art of our favourite artist, Ben Heine.

(Check out the gallery)

Link to Ben Heine's fantastic website



Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art:


Roy Lichtenstein became one of the leading pop artists of the sixties with his comic-strip paintings. Drowning Girl 1963, shown below, is one of his better known works and is a good example of the design features in his most famous pieces. Notice the thick lines, bold colors, and thought bubble. His work also often included boxed captions and words such as “WHAAM!”, commonly found in comic books.


Drowning Girl by Lichtenstein          


Benday dots were Lichtenstein’s trademark. Benday dots are a printing process which combines two (or more) different small, coloured dots to create a third colour. Pulp comic books used benday dots in primary colours to inexpensively create the secondary colours such as flesh tone.

different small, coloured dots to create a third colour. Years ago, pulp comic books used benday dots in primary colours to inexpensively create the secondary colours such as flesh tone.


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